iWealth's clients come from two areas:

Advisory Groups such as family offices, multi-family offices (MFOs), trust companies, boutique registered investment advisors (RIAs), wealth management advisors, or private banks.

Investment Managers such as hedge funds, private equity firms, or non-traditional asset managers.

What do our clients share in common?

  • Core of business is not operations or technology, which are rather a hassle and cost.
  • They are relatively small in size (less than 50 employees) and often are not well served by the larger technology conglomerates.
  • They have complex portfolios or reporting requirements.
  • They prefer to have a relatively small staff outside of their core service - investment management or relationship management.
  • No single technology provider has a complete solution for them and they are left pulling together various processes, technologies, and staff to get their infrastructure and operations requirements satisfied.
  • They have a fair amount of manual work.
  • Compliance is starting to become a serious risk.
  • They are comfortable with outsourcing and remote support functions (custody, prime broker, reconciliation, reporting, etc.).
  • Building major internal support systems is impractical for their size, yet many are forced to do so to be able to perform effectively.
  • Hiring a dedicated COO or CTO is impractical from salary and interest opportunity. Typically a senior principal covers the responsibilities in addition to their main core duties.